lunes, 20 de mayo de 2019

Yo elijo Burrito Blanco

¡Buenas noches amores!

Hoy os traigo un post especial donde os enseño mi nueva funda nórdica de Burrito Blanco.
Confío en esta marca desde hace años, ademas viene de atrás en la familia, podríamos decir que de generación en generación vamos confiando en ella. Mi abuela siempre la compraba, después también mi madre y tías, ahora yo, que sigo siendo fiel a ella. 

martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

Dresslily dress

Hello hearts!

Today I show you my wish list on the fashion website Dresslily 
I'm going to dress you up with my favorite dresses for this season.

1. Shoulder Ruffle Leaves Print Dress, AQUÍ

It is a very elegant dress. It has the shoulders to the air and the fabric is very comfortable and soft.

2. Elastic Waist Floral Print Dress, AQUÍ

This is a long dress, ideal for beach days. Its mustard color will favor your skin. It is closed at the waist with an elastic to mark our figure.

3. Ruffle V Neck Floral Print Dress, AQUÍ

It is a short dress, with warm colors. It has a lot of flight and can be adjusted to the waist.

4. Sleeveless High Low Hem Printed Dress, AQUÍ

It is a medium long dress with thin straps. White background with that map of roses in pink and red. Very nice to highlight your dark summer skin.

5. Sleeveless Criss Cross Printed Dress, AQUÍ

It is a tropical print dress full of colors. It is open on both sides and the fabric is elastic and very comfortable. A very good option for this season.

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

.Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:  

Over 10usd, save 2usd; Over 20usd, save 4usd; Over 30usd, save 6usd; Over 40usd ,save 8usd; Over 50usd, save 10usd; Over 60usd, save 12usd; Over 70usd, save 14usd; Over 80usd, save 16usd; Over 90usd, save 18usd; Over 100usd, save 20usd;Over 110usd, save 22usd; Over 120usd, save 24usd; Over 130usd, save 26usd; Over 140usd, save 28usd

I hope you liked this post and all the dresses I have taught you.
I read you soon. A greeting.